Magento Auto Scaling

Magento is an open-source eCommerce software used for setting up an online store. It is just surface software without an underlying infrastructure. As such, on its own, Magento is not scalable. Therefore, its operational effectiveness in terms of scalability will depend on the hosting provider. …

DevOps Implementation in Healthcare Industry

How did the Optum healthcare company manage to save millions of dollars in 2020 despite the global pandemic? If you guessed DevOps, then you guessed right! What do you stand to gain from implementing DevOps in healthcare? Let’s find out!

DevOps Impact on IT Infrastructure

Modern business exists in a dynamic, highly competitive, and unstable…

The traffic load on Black Friday

The end of November is the time when everybody tightens up their budget to save up for Christmas presents for their families, things they’ve been craving but couldn’t afford simple shopping sprees, and guilty pleasures.

Things are different for online shop owners. This is the time of the highest traffic…

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