ARM Servers on AWS: How to Save up to 30%

What’s AWS Graviton

The Features of Graviton2

How AWS Graviton Helps Save Money

source: anandtech

AWS Graviton Benefits

  1. Cost-efficiency. The AWS Arm processor architecture allows reducing power consumption costs retaining performance levels satisfactory.
  2. Multisystem compatibility. The processors are built on the 64-bit Arm core architecture. Multiple Linux OS are compatible with that configuration which creates a wider range of choices for clients.
  3. General-purpose design. AWS Graviton core is designed to enhance the servers’ performance and improve micro-services/cluster computing.
  4. Efficient CPU capacity. Graviton processor offers nearly 3.45% greater operating efficiency over classical architecture as well as more effortless processor deployment compared to X86 processors.
  5. Computer-intensive design. AWS Graviton is based on an HD video performance computing model, encoding videos, gaming, and CPU-based computer learning processes.

Graviton2 vCPU Core

Arm Beyond AWS

Final Word



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