AKS, GKE or EKS: What Gives a Real Benefit to Your Business?

Today’s Go-to-Guy in App Development

  • A rocket-solid infrastructure. From time to time, containers “die”. There is nothing you can do to prevent this. You will only have to spend time and money to get them back on track. Yet, when orchestrated by Kubernetes, a container that dies is immediately replaced by another. The platform automatically launches a replacement process.
  • No performance spikes. Sometimes services experience so-called “traffic peaks” — a time when a website cannot manage an influx of customers. In this case, Kubernetes will create as many container-clones as needed to keep the service running.
  • No idle-fees. For example, you’re holding a food-delivery app. There is no need to pay for the same performance at night, right? Kubernetes is optimizing the performance according to the app requirements.
  • Product-development oriented. There is no need to waste time on operations anymore. It’s all automized by Kubernetes.

Azure, Amazon or Google: That Is the Question!

*the data will be edited as the updates come out

What Does It All Mean?

Amazon AWS EKS

Azure AKS

Google GKE

Time and Money




As a DevOps Provider We Prefer…



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